Will Jamie Foxx be the next Spider-Man villain?

With the global economy still in shambles, major studios have been cutting back on spending, which is one of the primary reasons Ghostbusters 3 was put on hold by Sony.

But when it comes to superheroes, especially in the wake of The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, there’s no hold up because they are the “tent poles” that keep the major studios in business.


Spider-Man was successfully reinvented this summer, and the next installment in the rebooted franchise is due for release May 2, 2014. With all superhero movies, everything’s usually top secret, but word just leaked as to who Spider-Man will face down in the next film: Electro.

The news recemtly got out because Jamie Foxx is currently “in talks,” as they say in the business, to play Electro, and Foxx teased the news himself. Deadline reports that Foxx tweeted on Halloween night he was dressed up as Electro, and said the “costume fits well.” It’s clearly time for casting to come together, because the shoot for the next Spider-Man is slated to begin early next year. Also up for a role is Shailene Woodley (The Descendants), who has been offered Mary Jane Watson. 

Funny enough, when James Cameron was up to write and direct Spider-Man, Electro was one of the villains, along with Sandman. If you’ve never read Cameron’s treatment for Spider-Man, which was pretty good except for his usual awful dialogue, you probably can guess how Sandman gets defeated. (Think how glass is created). When the Spider-Man rights finally cleared, two of the major studios were in the running for them, Fox and Sony. If Fox got the rights, Cameron would have made it, but Sony got them instead and Sam Raimi helmed the original trilogy.

As far as Jamie Foxx playing Electro, why not? He’s a great actor, and I’ll watch him in almost anything as a hero or villain. As the news broke that Foxx was up for the role, Collider spoke to director Mark Webb, who took over the Spider-Man franchise, and he said, “Electro is an incredibly visual, exciting, dangerous villain. There is a lot of appealing stuff that is going to happen as the world emerges.”

Stay tuned to see if Foxx will indeed be aboard to battle Spider-Man early next year or not.