Dead Island Riptide gets a release date

With so many horror games out there, and so many zombie games to choose from as well, it’s hard to decide the best ones to buy and play.

But as we’ve reported here on TG, the Dead Island series is a much enjoyed and respected zombie title that has more than the usual undead vs human / cat and mouse gameplay.


In Rue Morgue Magazine, Hari Orkin, who wrote the first Dead Island game, called it “three-dimensional chess,” except one bad move can cost you your life. Sebastian Recihert, who produced the game, also told the magazine, “It’s about creating a fully realized world and then dropping the player into the middle of it. You will never feel safe. You could be attacked everywhere. Every fight could be your last.”

It also looks like the next installment in the series, Dead Island Riptide, will take a more dramatic turn. I’d seen the trailer for Riptide, and it showed a doomed couple committing suicide together with gas tanks, taking out a bunch of zombies with them, and you don’t expect to see this kind of Romeo and Juliet style tragedy in a video game, let alone a zombie game. 

Now we’ll see how much more dramatic the Dead Island games will get, because it now has an official release date of April 23, 2013 in North America, and April 26, 2013 world-wide.

As CVG confirms, there will be two versions of the Dead Island Riptide game, including the “Special Retailers Edition.” The first edition of the game, the “Pre-order Edition,”has an exclusive weapons pack, which gives you more ammo to kill the zombies, and with the “Special Retailers Edition,” you can get “an alternate character skin” that’s not available everywhere, only certain outlets. 

It’s funny to think that like a Director’s Cut of a horror film, the new Dead Island will have special editions as well, not with more gore, but more potential for bloodshed with extra weapons to fight the zombies. As we’ve also reported on TG, the developers of Dead Island currently have a medieval horror game in the works, Project Hell, which should take fantasy to a much darker level – much like Dead Island isn’t your typical zombie game.