The micro-transactions of Assassin’s Creed 3

As we’ve previously discussed here on TG, even if you’re not a hard-core gamer, you’ll surely  be amazed by Ubisoft’s upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3.

The graphics are so top notch, you’ll swear you’re watching a movie, and with an actual Assassin’s Creed film in the works, I wonder if they can make it look even half as good as the game itself.


Creed could also make a great cable series, because the game’s creative director, Alex Hutchinson, feels  TV actually has more depth and more time for longer story arcs than a movie.

“Movies always felt like short stories,” Hutchinson explained. “Whereas the modern TV season is like a novel.”

Where there’s a lot of depth, detail and minutia in games these days, Assassin’s Creed has even more for gamers by the way of micro-transactions. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, micro-transactions refers to in-game transactions, which typically include the sale of weapons, equipment and collected objects.

As the site GiantBomb notes, microtransactions became popular on Xbox 360, and for a little cash you can add a new character to the game, or change a character’s clothes and weapons. This not only gives the gamer more for a little change, but it’s also a way for gaming companies to make some extra coin to counter gamers who indulge in free to play

So what microtransactions does Assassin’s Creed offer? According to the sites Worthplaying and Gaming Blend, Creed is going to be offering “Erudito Credit” packs, where you can pay $1 in US currency for 20 Eurditos, $10 for 50, $5 for 155, $10 for 380, and $20 for 925. “Eruditos,” by the way, is the name of a group in the Assassin’s Creed game that are out to reveal what’s going on in Abstergo Industries. 

No matter what level you’re at, you can get microtransactions for the game, and Gaming Blend thinks that the Eurodito for the game could be “early unlocks for the multiplayer. It’s also possible that single-player has some sort of level-based progression as well.”

Whatever it ultimately offers, “Erudito Credits”could end up being a fun way to get even more bang for your Assassin’s Creed buck.