Silent hill is back in 3D

Where a lot of video game adaptations have been action / adventure heavy titles, like Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia, Silent Hill was an adaptation of a game that was arguably as scary as a real horror movie.

One fan of Silent Hill even told me he liked to turn out the lights at home, turn up the sound, and scare himself playing the game like he was watching a horror film.

While the first Silent Hill movie in 2006 didn’t get stellar reviews, it did well at the box office, certainly well enough for a sequel to be made, in 3D no less. It’s also starring Kit Harington from Game of Thrones, who told Collider he prepared for the movie by playing the games.

Michael J. Bassett, who directed the latest installment, told Bloody Disgusting, “I was a fan of the games first. I’m a gamer so I go all the way back to Doom.” Bassett said he “loved” the first film. “It was beautifully made and the artistry behind it was profound. It was the highest quality game adaptation at that point because it really captured the essence of what the game was about.”

Instead of making the movie normally, then covering to 3D, Bassett, shot the film in 3D from the get go, which he admitted was “much more difficult.” But as he continued, “I like knowing the depth you’re working with and making that part of the experience of the film. On the whole I’m trying to do something subtle that brings you into that world.”

As far as what to expect from the next season of Game of Thrones, which is currently filming, Kit Harington told Collider, “Season one was a big impact season, season two was more story, season three is another impact season. There’s some wonderful stuff coming in this season which is gonna grab people, especially if they don’t know what’s coming…”