The unstoppable Walking Dead

The Walking Dead had an enormous season debut last week that broke major TV records, and the show is still holding steady.

As we previously reported, The Walking Dead registered as the biggest hit of the fall TV season in one night, becoming the biggest scripted TV show in its time slot.

The Walking Dead was also reportedly the most watched telecast on basic cable in history, bringing in 10.9 million viewers, and with the two repeat showings that night it came out to 15.2 million viewers total.

Yes, Walking Dead did take a bit of a dip in the ratings during its second week, but it would obviously be extremely difficult to equal or top its record-breaking season debut. All things considered, the show’s still doing very well.

So here are the numbers. As the Hollywood Reporter confirms, the second episode of Walking Dead’s third season was down 1.4 million viewers, but it still drew in 9.5 million viewers total, which sure isn’t anything to sneer at, especially in its time frame and the demographic of viewers aged 18-19. In the 18-49 age demographic, Walking Dead is still the #1 show of the season. 

While the new season is just getting started, executive producer Robert Kirkman told the Reporter, “Anybody can die at any time. Also, anybody can live. We’re not really tied to the events of the comic book series as far as lives and deaths go.”

Yes, of course that’s vague, but you have to be very careful about things getting out before the time is right, especially these days.

As Glen Mazzara, who is also an executive producer on the show, told the Reporter, “We’re working in an age where it’s tough to keep information under wraps, whether it gets out by design of by accident…We’ve been working with AMC to make sure that we are very involved in what information gets out, what photos get out…We’ve been very mindful to make sure that none of that is going to spoil fans’ experience. We’re really protecting our secrets…”