Booth babes under fire

When people complain about how tough their jobs are, especially when they’re Hollywood celebrities, people will often respond by saying they should try working as a waiter.

It’s also got to be tough being a booth babe where you’re not only on your feet all day, but the pay can be very low, and you have the usual crowd of sexually frustrated geeks drooling all over you.


In fact, Kotaku recently ran a story about the Eurogamer Expo, which will be banning booth babes in their next convention in the fall of 2013. The PAX and PAX East conventions have also decided that they can do without. 

Why, you ask? Well, as the head of Eurogamer, Rupert Loman, told Kotaku, “We want the games to do the talking.”

For the booth babes that can keep their gigs, it’s still not as easy as it looks. PCWorld recently ran a report headlined, “The Life of a Booth Babe: High Heels, Long Hours and Leering Visitors.”

One booth babe confessed that standing in high heels 6-7 hours a day can definitely hurt your feet, “but the work is pretty relaxed and you don’t have to do a lot in order to get paid.”

The booth babes interviewed for this story also said it’s not easy to smile all day either, with one having to pace herself holding up the product for thirty minutes at a stretch, then take a ten minute break.

Another report was filed soon after Computex, a technology convention that took place in Taipei. Translated to American currency, a booth babe can make $100-170 dollars for an eight hour shift at the Computex convention, where some can be paid as low as $60. A lot of the models in attendance were doing it part time while they worked other jobs to get through school.