Yes, Revolution is still going strong

The Fall TV season got off to a big bang with The Walking Dead, and its third season debut is reportedly the most viewed basic cable broadcast in history.

 JJ Abrams’s Revolution is doing pretty well too, and the series should clock up a very strong first season overall.


Indeed, Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Revolution managed to reverse its dipping ratings trend, and is actually up 13% from the previous week. Revolution also hits screens after The Voice, which is also doing well, but Revolution is proving to be its own show, and doesn’t need no lead-in to stay strong. 

Zap2it also reports that Revolution “scored the biggest gain in total viewers of any show during the week of September 24-30.” As we previously reported on TG, Revolution didn’t get a full series order until early this month, and it looks like this was indeed a good decision. Although reality TV’s certainly seen better days, Collider also reports that Revolution was the top scripted show on Monday, and with the latest ratings report, “Revolution made a case for being a certified hit…”

There are eighteen episodes left in the season, and of course questions came up about the unanswered questions of the show, including the big daddy: What caused the power to go out? Eric Kripke, who created the show, told Zap 2 It, “You should look for clues everywhere…Currently, in the writers room, we’re talking dangerously about revealing that secret before the end of the season.

“The longer you drag out an answer, the more pressure there is that it’s the greatest answer given in the history of man,” Kripke continues. “Frankly, I’m not that smart. I’d rather answer a question and open a door to a bigger room. Even if we do answer the question of what caused the blackout, it leads directly to a bigger and scarier mystery.”