Understanding Del Toro’s Pacific Rim

Although he’s got a ton of projects on his plate, the first movie from Guillermo Del Toro since 2008’s Hellboy II is going to be Pacific Rim, a big sci-fi epic that’s due to hit theaters on July 12, 2013.

And thankfully, instead of a movie prequel where every little question you have will be answered, Del Toro’s overseeing the creation of a graphic novel so you can familiarize yourself with the whole backstory before even seeing the movie.


This is actually a pretty cool idea, because frankly the whole prequel that explains the backstory of everything trend is very tiresome these days. If Pacific Rim is a hit, the sequels can go forward instead of backwards, but maybe the comic will turn out so bitchin’, they’ll want to make it into a movie. Doing a comic prequel is also a cool idea to get people excited about the movie, and keep the audience just satisfied enough before Pacific Rim comes out. 

As Collider reports, fans at Comic Con in California and New York both dug the footage Del Toro showed them, and he told the audience that when a proposal came in to do a comic book, he decided to make it a prequel for the film. Del Toro was very hands on with the comic, and it is currently planned to physical and virtual shelves a month before the movie goes live. Travis Beacham, who wrote the screenplay for Rim, is also writing the prequel comic. 

The prequel will be released by Legendary, who the Hollywood Reporter also tells us is putting out a new Grant Morrison comic called Annihilator. 

As we also recently reported on TG, Pacific Rim is going to be converted to 3D, which Del Toro was initially against, but now he claims he’s “pulled a full-Romney” and reversed his stance. Del Toro did ask Warners for a lengthy period to execute the conversion so that it could be done right, and the studio granted his wish. At Comic Con New York, Del Toro was clearly happy with how the conversion is turning out, and you can see it in either 2D or 3D when Pacific Rim is ready next July.