Bond is back and better than ever

It’s amazing the James Bond franchise has lasted as long as it has, but on the other hand it’s also easy to understand why he’s still around.

Being a spy is a great romantic fantasy, and who wouldn’t want to be as suave, debonair, sexy, and dangerous as Bond?

True, Bond wasn’t always on top, as he’s had some awkward transitions when Sean Connery and Roger Moore finally left the series, but he experienced a huge comeback with Daniel Craig and Casino Royale. For many years, Royale was considered impossible to adapt, which gave Craig even more to prove as the next Bond, but he and the film both pulled it off with flying colors.

While Quantum of Solace didn’t fare well with critics, it looks like the next Bond in the series, Skyfall, which opens on November 9, is indeed a big winner. In fact, several critics are calling it the best Bond ever, which is quite a claim.

Both the major trades, Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, loved it with Variety calling the film “an incredibly satisfying addition to the 007 oeuvre.” Meanwhile, The Reporter termed Skyfall a “dramatically gripping while still brandishing a droll undercurrent of humor,” and added, “This beautifully made film will certainly be embraced as one of the best Bonds by loyal fans worldwide and leaves you wanting the next one to turn up sooner than four years from now.”

As far as Craig’s third turn as 007, the Reporter also wrote that he “owns Bond now, and the role is undoubtedly his for as long as he might want it.”

Again, stepping into Bond’s shoes isn’t an easy proposition; it’s like trying to replace the singer in a band. But apparently Craig has indeed made Bond his own, and will continue to do so for many movies to come.