The disappointments of Resident Evil 6

The first reviews of Resident Evil 6 went live last week, with some publications claiming the game was “an unforgettable experience.”

Now the game is officially out, and more reviews are pouring in. Are they as complimentary?

Well as Cinema Blend reports, “they aren’t looking too good” so far. Indeed, Blend tells us the pre-release review scores were good, but then the reviews that followed weren’t stellar. The site Destructoid gave it 3 out of 10, Joystiq 2.5 out of 5 and GameSpot4.5 out of 10. Then again, the game garnered better scores from IGN, Edge and Eurogamer. Interestingly, Game Informer gave it the highest rating with 8.75 out of ten. (Outside of the geek-o-sphere, the New York Times didn’t give the game a great review either.)

So what went wrong? Common complaints centered around too much quick-time, coupled with action scenes that had too much “Michael Bayism,” as Blend put it. The site concluded, “If you want a decent co-op title with lots of [Quick Time], cringe-worthy dialogue, overtly designed action set pieces and enough Michael Bay explosions to make Optimus Prime’s mouth gape, then Resident Evil 6 seems to fulfill that promise…”

While we’re not sure what the future plans are for Resident Evil games, the recent movie installment of the series, which also didn’t get banner reviews, did very well here and abroad. Indeed, The Hollywood Reporter recently confirmed that the latest Evil flick was #1 at the foreign box office for three weeks in a row. Basically, the films have proven critic proof, so now we’ll find out whether the new Evil game will have the same luck.

As for the movies, Milla Jovovich recently told the L.A. Times, “I’m not interested on being a side character to the lead who’s a guy, and he gets to do all major stuff that moves the script, and I just around on the sidelines.”

When she starred in The Fifth Element, “I really got a taste of a unique character, an iconic character. Something different, something that is different for women, strong and vulnerable.”

Jovovich added that with the latest Resident Evil flick, she went back to the games to get reacquainted. “These women are so strong that literally men would rather play Jill Valentine in the game than a lot of men. These are quite amazing females…”