Led Zeppelin reunion hopes surface again

There are so many reunions the fans desperately want, and many figure if Van Halen can get back together with David Lee Roth and tour, so can practically any other band. Well, not exactly.

In reality, there are some reunions that are just never going to happen, no matter how much money is on the table, or how much the fans want to see the band again.

Guns ‘N Roses are a perfect example, as they won’t be reuniting – no matter what. Another band that could also write their own check, Led Zeppelin, will probably never return either. None of the surviving members needs the money or the glory, even though they could absolutely make a fortune if they did another tour.

But drummer John Bonham’s death left an enormous hole in the band, and he could never be replaced. Much like how the Beatles never went for a cheap reunion, you also get the impression Zeppelin has enough respect for what they accomplished not to trash it for a fast cash grab. When Robert Plant was touring as a solo artist, he wouldn’t perform Zeppelin songs live for years, and you have to admire the fact that he refused to ride on the past.

So Zeppelin reunion hopes came up again when the band was promoting their concert film, Celebration Day. The film captured one of the few times Zeppelin did reunite, this time in 2007 at a tribute gig to the late Ahmet Ertegun, who founded their label, Atlantic.

As Foxnews reports, the surviving members recently gave a press conference for the film, where Robert Plant said the members don’t see each other that much, although to play those old songs again was “a spectacular experience. To get through it and come out the other side was something not much short of miraculous.”  At the same time, Plant dispelled reunion talks with the same attitude he had a solo artist where he wouldn’t ride on the past, saying that the band was “from another time.”

Filling in for Bonham was his son, Jason, who’s grown into quite a drummer in his own right, and he would be the most obvious choice for a tour if a reunion ever came together. But as recently reported on Blabbermouth, Jason said that any future Zep reunion is “a dead issue”

As much as the fans would love to see a Zeppelin reunion, the magic of the past can’t be recaptured, and some things just aren’t meant to be. It is indeed remarkable how long the band’s legacy has lasted, and how much the fans still love them to this day. In all likelihood, a reunion will probably never happen, but you can see them again in the movie Celebration Day, which will be released in 1,500 theaters world-wide on October 17, with the DVD release slated for November 19.