Primeval: New World trailer becomes the hunted

SPACE has released a trailer for its upcoming dinosaur hunter spin-off.

Primeval is a British sci-fi serial which depicts a team of scientists and naturalists responsible for hunting down prehistoric creatures that pop out of anomalies which connect the present to the distant past. Primeval: New World is not a remake, it’s a spin-off, intended to take place in the same story world, just on another continent.

The show isn’t just the same show set in North America, though. The show runners say that the series will be a bit darker and take the subject matter far more seriously with dangerous scenarios. The team is slated to be all new, but the first few episodes will feature a character from the original show.

Connor Temple, played by Andrew-Lee Potts, has been tapped to serve as the new team’s initiating force, as well as provide a bridge between the shows for the audience. The new team members will be played by Niall Matter (who played Zane on the recently completed Eurka), Sarah Canning, Miranda Frigon, Geoff Gustafson, and Danny Rahim. The first episode has a cameo from Colin Ferguson, who starred in Eureka in front of Matter.

The press material also claims that the team will be fighting ” both prehistoric and futuristic creatures,” while the original focused only on the prehistoric.

As far as I can tell, all the creatures in the trailer are dinosaurs, though, so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with for futuristic monsters, unless some of the dinosaurs are from the future, but that just seems silly.

The first season of Primeval: New World will be a 13-episode run, implying  a longer production cycle, as compared to the British version which has only 36 total episodes over 5 series (seasons). The show is being produced in Vancouver for an initial run in Canada and the U.K. this fall on SPACE and Watch, respectively. No word as to when or where it will appear in the US, but if it’s successful, the series will likely end up on Syfy next year.

Of course, there will be plenty of other ways to catch the show as well, including the Amazon Instant store, Where you can also get ahold of Primeval.