Resident Evil 6 is nearly here

The zombie phenomenon has clearly exceeded all expectations of the gaming industry.

Earlier this year, a number of genre watchers predicted the whole undead thing would peak by now, but with the third season of Walking Dead about to debut on October 14, and the upcoming Resident Evil and Dead Island games, as well as the continued box office success of the Resident Evil movies, there’s obviously still plenty of life left in the dead.

With this Fall shaping up to be a big season for games, zombies should continue to thrive in the entertainment world, and with Walking Dead, they should continue trending in pop culture.

Recently, some of the the first review of Resident Evil 6 hit the web, with PlayStation: The Official Magazine,  calling it an “unforgettable experience.”

As Cinema Blend points out, this version of Evil is “a bit unusual” in the sense that you can take on three different roles in different places, and PlayStation liked this approach because it gives the player more roles than any of the previous Evil games.

But PlayStation wasn’t all that pleased with the plot, which it termed “too goofy to really take seriously,” and  ultimately rated the game “a strange experience, to be sure – but more importantly, it’s an unforgettable one.” Then again, PlayStation did give the title a 90 out of 100 score.

Resident Evil 6 is slated to launch world-wide on October 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360. On the subject of zombies, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the executive producer of Resident Evil 6, told SiliconEra, “We brought zombies back because they’re popular. Everyone loves ‘em, that’s why we brought them back. Based on feedback from Resident Evil 4 and 5, the fact that there weren’t classic zombies in those games and people really wanted them. We tried to respond to the requests and put them in the game. We tweaked them a bit so they aren’t the same zombies you would expect.”

Those tweaks, as Gameranx tells us, will include the zombies being capable of putting on little bursts of speed and using weapons. As Kobayashi points out, this is a flashback to when they were human and used weapons before they died.