Doctor Who trailers bid adieu to the companions

BBC One has released a pair of trailers for the fifth episode of the new season of Doctor Who – the final episode in which Karen Gillan and Artur Darvil are slated to appear.

It’s not just a temporary disappearance either, the characters played by Gillen and Darvil, Amy Pond and Rory Williams respectively, the Doctor’s companions since his last regeneration, will be gone from the show permanently; unlike like Rose or Martha, who returned every once in a while after they were let off the hook as companions. Whatever happens to the couple at the end of this episode, it takes them away from the Doctor forever.

Since the episode deals with the Weeping angels, I’d have to guess the loss of the two has to do with being sent back in time to an unknown year, allowing them to live on safely, but not be found right away by the Doctor.

Remember, this isn’t an official spoiler, as I’m just guessing. All we really know is the couple won’t be back. As you may recall, the end of the Doctor’s current crop of companions is something Moffatt has been planning since the beginning of his run with the show.

The episode, Angels Take Manhattan, airs this Saturday, September 29th, 2012 on BBC One and BBC America.