Terra Nova lives on as an interactive motion comic

Terra Nova will never get a second season, thanks a gigantic production budget, but the story can continue on in your imagination, with a little help.

Frankly, it was a shame when Terra Nova didn’t get renewed for a second season. Yes, the series may have started off a bit slow last fall, but after the season finale, I went from ambivalent about seeing more to very excited.

The show evolved from a pretty pilot to a lackluster, melodramatic mid-season and finally to an epic and rousing finale. 

Nevertheless, it was not watched by enough people to sustain a giant budget, so was ultimately cut in favor of keeping Fringe on the air, which also would have been a shame to lose indeed.

We may never get the canon version of what happens next. Without that new season, there is no way to know where the writers would have taken Terra Nova, but we can get a closure of a sort, and perhaps an answer to some of the show’s mysteries – like that figurehead.

The story will be continuing in the form of an online interactive motion comic. No word on how many branches the narrative might have, nor how divergent the possible endings, but we have this synopsis of the project in the form of a series of questions:

How would you have ended the Terra Nova story? Would the Sixers, Lucas, and the Phoenix Group have completed their secret mission? Or would commander Taylor and the Shannons have been able to win back Terra Nova for the future? And how did the wooden figurehead get there?

So, it sounds like the reader will get to make or break the heroes plans, but learn some secrets along the way.

There’s a bit of a catch though. The interactive motion comic will only be available to owners of the Terra Nova: The Complete Series on DVD. Once they have their disc in-hand, said fans can head over to terranovastory.com, and enter the code from inside their DVD case, which will give access to the site.

The other features of the 4-disc set includes these fairly typical things:

  • Director’s Diaries – Making the Pilot
  • Occupation/Resistance Extended Episode
  • Mysteries Explored
  • Cretaceous Life: The Dinosaurs of Terra Nova
  • Audio Commentary on Occupation/Resistance with Stephen Lang, Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel

Terra Nova: The Complete Series box set is available now. The motion comic is already available to those with the code.