Metal Hurlant Chronicles fights the robots

The science fiction anthology show has found a television home in France.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles was originally a French magazine, created and illustrated by the late, famed illustrator Jean “Moebius” Giraud and Philippe Druillet back in the 1970’s.

The idea was to have an anthology magazine series which would take submissions for stories similar to Amazing Tales magazine and their ilk. The publication was similar to the American Tales from the Crypt, except it focused on science fiction and fantasy stories.

Some issues would feature spaceships and aliens, the next might showcase magic and dragons. Each issue was completely different, but the magazine managed to maintain a common thread of abstract narrative, along with the genius of Moebius’ illustrations.

French Director Guillaume Lubrano has been working on trying to get a television version of the magazine into distribution since late last year, after already making two seasons without even the promise of broadcast. Now, after months of stagnation in talks for broadcast deals with French television, France 4 has picked up the show, purchasing the 12 episodes which have already been produced with an option for more if the initial run proves successful. 

This teaser serves as the announcement of the show for the network, and showcases some pretty impressive sequences:

We’ve also got this teaser specifically for the first episode:

There is currently no announced US distribution plans, and while Lubrano is working on getting the interest of a US network, it might be difficult due to the format. US networks usually only put children’s programming and sitcoms into half-hour slots, so that alone will make it a hard sell, but they would also have to edit 4 minutes out of each 26 minute episode to fit US commercial break standards. If the show does come to the US, it likely won’t be soon. Hopefully, there will be other ways to get our eyes on the episodes.

Metal Hurlant Chronicles premieres later this year on France 4.