Once upon a time Spot breaks the curse

ABC has released a new TV spot for their upcoming second season of Once Upon a Time.

The fantasy drama combines fairytales with the dramatic tension of Desperate Housewives, and the story-telling form of LOST. This proved to be a successful formula through the first season, during which the show pulled in some of the highest ratings on the network, making a second season a surefire decision on ABC’s part.

This new TV spot gives a look at what’s going to be going on in Storybrook in the new season:

The shows tells its story by mixing scenes from a fairytale land called The Enchanted Forrest with scenes from the modern town of Storybrook, Maine.

Each of the people living in the small town have doubles in the Enchanted Forrest. They are actually the same people, but a curse has befallen them, and they are unable to remember who they once were.

This requires that a new character be introduces in the town  every couple episodes, at least, and so we’ve been getting a lot of news lately about new castmembers, including Joshua Dallas from Marvel’s Thor film, and most recently George Garcia who stared on LOST, which was produced by the same team  who is working on Once.

We can thus look forward to a lot of new mysteries based around fairytale characters, and perhaps even better ones, since the show is running out of characters in the Disney stable, and the writers will be more free to seek their own way to tell each tale.

The second season of Once Upon a Time premiers Sunday September 30th, 2012 on ABC. Keep an eye on TGDaily for a review of the Season one DVD box set in the coming days.