Doctor Who rides the triceratops

BBC One has released a handful of posters for the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

The new season of Doctor Who will see the loss of the current companions, Amy and Rory, and the introduction of a new character (whose origins still shrouded in mystery), played by Jenna-Louise Coleman. This trailer only covers the first half of the season, which is slated to be split by a holiday episode, where Coleman’s character will be introduced.

These cinematic posters beautifully depict the central conflicts of the first five episodes of season seven, which are also the final five episodes for the current companions.

In addition, we have the entirety of the Pond Life series, which serves as a connection between the long-gapped sixth and seventh seasons of Doctor Who.  The mini-series, which is running for the week leading up to the premiere episode of the new season in five parts of two to three minutes apiece, focuses on the home lives of the Ponds, the couple who have been The Doctor’s companions for two seasons now.

The first four of the tiny episodes are interesting, but really just in-jokes for the fans. That fifth episode actually really sets us up for where we’re going at the beginning of the season, when The Doctor returns to Amy and Rory’s life, just in time to save their marriage by whisking them off through time and space once more. Maybe it’s just that I haven’t seen these characters for awhile, but those last few moments are pretty touching, and make me look forward yet more to the new episodes.

This trailer shows off some more of those five episodes in the posters:

The first episode back, in which the doctor and his companions will end up in a sort of retired Dalek storage facility, premieres on BBC One and BBC America on September 1st, 2012.