The Revenant clips cut out the stitches

Paladin has released a trio of clips for its upcoming zomedy.

The Revenant sees a downed soldier return from the dead as the titular creature, which is sort of a zombie except without all the shambling, and drinks blood instead of brains. The soldier’s best buddy comes up with a plan to keep his friend supplied. They become Revenant super heroes, and clean the streets of criminals, whom they then drink.

These clips come right on the heels of the recent release of the red band trailer, and conveys a lot more about the sensibilities of the film. This first implies that the other characters, especially the monster’s best friend, will take to the revelation of the existence of the undead. It seems very similar to other zomedies, in which it is typical for the supporting characters to only flip-out a little, and otherwise go on about their daily lives. This, of course, is a subversion of the typical response of supporting characters in a monster film which takes itself more seriously.

The next seems to imply that the film will be attempting some level of character depth, as we see the revenant, well played by David Anders, struggling to come to terms with his new existence:

Finally, the dynamic between the two main characters that gives the whole thing the feel of a buddy-flick:

It looks like a fun take on the zomedy genre with lots of great subversions and parodies of the tropes and clichés of the zombie and vigilante genres. Here’s the theatrical trailer, in case you missed it:

and the synopsis:

Bart Gregory has just recently been laid to rest – so why is he still up and walking around? The only person Bart can turn to for answers is his best friend Joey, and before long the two pals have surmised that blood is life. In order to survive, Bart requires a steady supply of it. 

Convinced that no one will miss the drug dealers and killers who have transformed LA into a swirling cesspool of crime and vice, the two friends decide to do law enforcement a favor by cleaning up the streets while collecting the precious blood needed to keep poor Bart from withering away into dust!

The Revenant sees a limited release on August 24th, 2012.