Fringe Teaser doesn’t get to the girl in time

Fox has posted a new teaser for the upcoming final season of Fringe.

This one is specifically for the first episode, in which we will presumably learn more about Etta and the series of events that brought her to meet up with her parents again in the future.

The teaser seems to depict the beginning of the Observer take-over and the last time Peter and Olivia saw Etta before they disappeared with the rest of the Fringe team. In last season’s flash forward episode, we learned Atta hadn’t seen her parents since she was four years old, when the Observers took over (this is before the audience learns who she really is).

When they travel to the future (by suspended animation) they meet her again. For them it has not been long, but she’s grown into an adult in the intervening years, and has joined the resistance, where she uses the mental abilities she inherited from Olivia, and the spirit and wit she inherited from Peter to help subvert Observer rule.

This season, the team will be fighting the Observer menace with Etta’s help. Likely this fight will not be one of violence or brawn, as these are not things the show focuses on, but perhaps we’ll be surprised.

Hopefully, the story won’t turn into one of those seemingly epic arcs that gets resolved in only one or two episodes before finding a way to bring everything back to ‘normal’. Luckily, Fringe doesn’t have a reputation for that kind of arc. Overall, It’s been a great series, and I’m really happy they’re getting the chance to give the show a proper ending.

Also: if they find a way to travel back again to their own time, I’ll be very disappointed in the writers. 

Despite some production delays due to health issues for co-star John Nobel, Fringe is still on track to premiere the new season on September 28th, 2012.