Robot and Frank clips are a bit groggy

Park Pictures has posted a pair of clips for its upcoming science fiction comedy, Robot and Frank.

The film tells the story of a former jewel thief who has basically been living in the past. Yes, the world has moved on without him, and his cluttered house shelters him from most of modern society. When his daughter thinks he’s having trouble taking care of himself, she sends her brother over with a gift, a personal robot, programmed to help Frank live a cleaner, healthier life. 

This first clip shows the inciting event of the plot. Franks kids have decided that he needs a robot butler to help take care of him when they cannot. Frank is resistant to the idea (which is, of course, where the tension comes in):

This other is interesting because it shows us a scene that hints the kids may be right about their father’s need for some help. Here we see Frank groggy and more confused than he should be upon being awakened by the robot. He’s not helpless, but he is getting old:

Of course, there is also an action conflict to run alongside the buddy flick antics of Robot and Frank. Frank’s favorite place, the local library, where his girlfriend works, is going to be gutted to create a more digital information gathering place. 

I find it rather interesting that they’ve chosen an elderly protagonist here, since it really doesn’t take place that far in the distant future. Meaning, it’ll be my peers defending their paper books and non-robotic houses from their children’s ideals about life and technology. I might not be so old now, but by the time we have robot butlers, I’ll likely be at about that point, which makes it relatable in an odd way.

Here’s the theatrical trailer:

Robot and Frank sees a limited release in the US on August 24th, 2012.