Partysaurus Rex clip knows how to party

Pixar has released a clip of its upcoming theatrical short.

Partysaurus Rex is a Toy Story tale that follows the shiest of the Toy Story toys, T-Rex, as he’s taken in for bath time with Bonnie (the little girl in the house), and is left with the bath toys, who help him emerge from his shell.

Here is 30 seconds of the short film, which is about 10% of it.

It looks like it’s going to be classic touching, goofball humor from Pixar, but it will be combined with some music unlike what we usually find in Pixar pieces. Electronic artist BT, who composed the music, said in an interview with AJX:TV that the short film is ” like a Toy Story rave, and I’m actually not kidding either. Like, the toys get into all these shenanigans and it’s like pounding club music, this thing. So it’s really not very Pixar, but in like a really hysterical way, everyone laughs so hard when they see it.”

The official synopsis in necessarily pretty short:

Rex goes from shrinking violet to sudsy stud when Bonnie brings him into the bath. What follows can only be described as an EPIC bathtub party.

Partysaurus Rex, which features the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Emily Hahn, and Walace Shawn will premier in theaters before Finding Nemo 3D in on September 14th, 2012.