Understanding The Odd Life of Timothy Green

The stars of the upcoming family fantasy film – which hits theaters on Wednesday – recently offered a sneak preview of what to expect from The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

Directed by Peter Hedges and Staring Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton, and CJ Adams, The Odd Life of Timothy Green follows the story of a loving couple who accidentally “wishes” themselves a child by placing their hopes and dreams for an ideal youngster into a box before burying it in the yard. 

In this video from Coming Soon, the stars share their motivations and thoughts about the film.

It’s nice to see Garner so motivated and whatever, but I have to admit, I never – this time included – find her very likeable when I see her in interview. She often comes off very arrogant, and especially compared directly here to the very humble Edgerton and Adams, she seems insufferable.

In addition to this insightful interview, we have a new synopsis for the film, which strongly hints at what the tearjerker ending is going to be (these sappy family films always have a tearjerker ending accompanied by a baseball-bat epiphany, so that part is not a surprise), so don’t read on if you don’t want it spoiled:

Born and raised in the small American town of Stanleyville, “The Pencil Capitol of the World,” Cindy and Jim Green are a loving couple that, one tragic day, learn that they can’t biologically have the one thing they want more than anything in the world: a child. Fantasizing about their ideal son, the Greens wake up the next day to find that he’s actually there. Timothy enters their life a normal, healthy boy except for one strange trait. He has leaves growing out of his legs and, as time passes, they begin to fall away. When they’re all gone, Timothy may be gone with them.

There you have it. Timothy is a boy with a time-limit; a classic tearjerker trope.

Here’s the theatrical trailer:

The Odd Life of Timothy Green hits theaters on August 15th, 2012.