Hellraiser art visits the temple of the water god

No, not that Hellraiser reboot.

A few months ago, we reported that Sonar Entertainment was interested in resurrecting Hellraiser for a television series. Now, we’ve learned by way of these publicly released pieces of concept art that there is also a plan to reboot the film franchise – a separate initiative unrelated to the Sonar Entertainment project.

The Hellraiser story revolves around the villain, simply called ‘Pinhead’ due to the pins protruding from his head. Essentially, his nature is based on the old devils depicted in Puritan literature, meaning, he is not necessarily evil himself, but uses his power to punish and capture the souls of the wicked.

In the proposed film, much of the stylistic elements have been redesigned, but it is otherwise intended to be the same characters and story as the original Hellraiser.

The project is the work of producers Paul Gerrard and Mike Le Han. By way of a proposal, the pair helmed a trailer for their potential film, which finished shooting last month. After post-production, the clip will head over to Dimension films, along with a proposal document, and a slew of concept art pieces. There is yet no word if they will be presenting it to other studios if Dimension isn’t interested.

As it does not have a studio yet, there are no production or release dates confirmed for Hellraiser.