Flying Swords of Dragon Gate trailer parts the sand

Bona International Film Group has posted a trailer for its pcoming North American release of Flying Swords of Dragon Gate.

The action brawler was first released in China in 2011, where it won several awards, was nominated for many more – including Best Picture and Best Director at the Asian Film Awards, and has risen to claim the record of fourth highest grossing Chinese film of all time without having yet been released in the US. 

There is no official English Language synopsis, and the story is a bit difficult to parse. Essentially, the film is a remake of New Dragon Gate Inn from 1992, which is itself a remake of Dragon Gate Inn from 1966, so the lore, which was already heavy-handed has had two other films (and over 50 years) in which to steep.

The original Dragon Gate Inn was fairly straight-forward: a group of children, the heirs of a deposed emperor, are being escorted to the border for permanent exile from China. When the innkeeper at the Dragon Gate Inn hears of a plot to ambush the children and kill them at his place of business, he calls his friend, Hsaio to help him defend the children.

The first remake added a bunch of extra elements to the story, like more supernatural fighting, more sub-plots, and a terrible sandstorm. This new remake convolutes the plot even more, adding this idea that a city of gold is buried out in the desert, and even more factions are converging on the Dragon Gate for this crazy battle, which may not have anything to do with exiled children anymore.

None of that matters, however, because you won’t be going to see this one for the plot. The effects here look outstanding, and since it was filmed in 3D, there won’t be any concerns that the 3D will be terrible or head-ache-inducing. 

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is coming to IMAX theaters only for a two week special engagement starting on August 31st, 2012.