Farscape is well and truly dead

Syfy execs are no longer trying to find a way to continue the long-cancelled show.

Farscape is a low-budget sci-fi serial about a young Earth astronaut who accidentally gets shot across the galaxy and finds himself embroiled in a series of inter-system conflicts inside of a living ship with a crew of oddball misfits.

Prematurely cancelled a decade ago, a revival was attempted a couple years later in the form of a film, Peacekeeper Wars, which was made for TV and presented as a two-part episode.

Unfortunately, it didn’t conclude the story, and so the serial was still left in an unsatisfying place.

The only remaining hope were constant rumors that Syfy would put together a series of webisodes as a conclusion.

Over the years however, the actors have moved on to other projects, the sets have been dissasembled, and hope for the series has dwindled.

Throughout, however, there has always been the same answer from execs over at Syfy: a solid ‘maybe.’

This week, however, Syfy executive Craig Engler posted on Twitter that the show is no longer a possibility. When asked by a fan if Farscape webisodes were still possible, he replied simply,  “We tried. Financing didn’t work,” punctuated by a frowny face emoticon.

Of course, for fans who want to hold out hope, this only really means that Syfy has given up. if the original writers or producers of the show want to continue elsewhere, or in another medium, they still might find some way to do it. Comics has worked well as a medium for continuing the stories of cancelled shows, for example. No such plans have been announced, however.