First episode of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens comes in for a landing

Liquid Comics has posted the first chapter of the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens motion comic online.

As you may recall, Men in Black director Barry Sonenfield had the idea for the above-mentioned comic line bouncing around for a while, as Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is a story he’s been wanting to tell as a film for ages.

While the film has yet to find a home, it’s being brought to paper in the form of a graphic novel adaptation of his plot concept written by Grant Morrison and Mukesh Singh. That graphic novel was released last month, but received little attention. In an effort to ramp up exposure, Liquid Comics created this motion comic covering the first few pages of the novel, and plans to continue posting episodes until the first story is told.

The first one is free online, although distribution plans for the remaining episodes have not yet been officially been confirmed. Still, we do know that the whole project is focused on ultimately bringing the story to the silver screen.

“Like Snakes on a Plane, the project title leaves no doubt as to what to expect from the movie,” Morrison said in an interview over at CBR earlier this year. “So the trick was to deliver on the basics but also create an engrossing, epic story with a cast of diverse and memorable characters, both reptile and extra-terrestrial. We’ve talked about a different name for the movie when it comes out, but no matter what, I’m hoping ‘Dinosaurs vs. Aliens’ will be part of the title somewhere.”

As implied, the story of Dinosaurs vs. Aliens is fairly simple. Distantly prehistoric earth is invaded by aliens, and the dinosaurs, who are clearly smarter than our archeologists give them credit for, are the only defense our planet has against subjugation. 

If you want to pick up the Dinosaurs vs. Aliens graphic novel, it is available now from Liquid Comics, and can also be purchased on Amazon.