The Day trailer sounds the alarm

WWE Studios and Anchorbay Films have released the first full-lenth trailer for its upcoming post-apocalyptic thriller.

The Day is a hyper violent, gritty, thriller, which takes place in a somewhat typical post-apocalypse world. The earth is ruined, almost everyone is dead, and man has found a new social order: predator and prey. Of course, our protagonists are the prey, formerly normal folks just trying to survive the onslaught of raiders and thugs.

It doesn’t look like the studio wasted a bunch of money on effects. Lots of blood-packs perhaps, and a few CGI limb removals will not be surprising (maybe we’ll catch some in a red-band trailer), but mostly it looks like a couple cameras, an old farmhouse, and thirty or so mostly unknown actors. I see Dominic Monaghan and Shawn Ashmore in there though, so we know there will be at least some talent, but I don’t recognize anyone else.

We also have this synopsis:

A group of five survivors armed with shotguns, axes and machetes, wander the back roads of a ravaged landscape looking for refuge in The Day, a terrifying look into a post-apocalyptic future. As war ravages humanity, destroying civilization and most of life on earth, the survivors realize they must do whatever it takes to stay alive. Lost, starving, and exhausted, they seek shelter in a seemingly safe abandoned farmhouse. However, while searching for food and resources, they unwittingly set off a trap signaling to their ruthless predators laying in wait to begin their deadly attack. With food and ammunition dwindling, the group must make a desperate final stand—over a 24 hour period—battling for their ultimate survival.

At least it’s not zombies again.

The Day drops into theaters on August 9th, 2012.