The Prototype trailer becomes machine

A team of independent filmmakers known as The Bandito Brothers recently made a name for themselves in Hollywood and beyond with the production of Act of Valor.

Now the duo has released the first full-length trailer for a new genre project dubbed The Prototype. This sci-fi adventure film follows the escape and fight to freedom of an experimental artificial being originally designed for the military. While the machine runs from the armed forces, the creator of the ‘drone’ struggles with his own demons, including the imminent death of his wife.

The effects look fantastic, especially considering that it doesn’t come from a major studio, and really, who doesn’t love a good Pinocchio story?

Frankly, I think it’s encouraging to see this kind of independent filmmaking. The Bandito Brothers are one of the studios working to prove that good films, even genre films, do not have to cost millions and millions of dollars to produce, and they definitely help give heart to indie producers everywhere.

Although the film is complete, it is  still shopping for a distribution partner. I have a feeling it will not take long to find one. Until then, however, a release date has yet to be set.