Monsters University teaser hides in the closet

Pixar and Disney have released the first teaser for their upcoming fantasy comedy prequel, Monsters University.

The new film is the follow-up to Monsters, Inc, and tells the tale of how Mike and Sully became friends back in their college days.

Three other versions of this teaser appeared in various places around the web, but with only a single line of dialogue in difference. The scene looks like one which was constructed specifically to be a gag for this teaser, rather than an actual scene from the film. This is SOP for Pixar productions.

Clearly, Mike and Sully do not begin this film as friends. They will then have to overcome some challenge at the university which brings the prankster and the nerd together in the end, creating that close friendship they share from the start of the first film.

The best thing about this film? Billy Crystal and John Goodman are back to play Mike and Sully, respectively. It’s their performances which really make the first film shine, and without them, I think this prequel would have been too cliché to survive. With their skill and timing, all the jokes will be right on, and the charactrers will be sympathetic, even if, like some other more recent Pixar productions, the writing is not as good as past films.

It’s been over a decade since the first film, however, so I will also be expecting some advances in CGI tech to show through.

Monsters University hits theaters June 21, 2013.