Fringe featurettes experiment with super powers

Fox has posted a pair of fan question featurettes for Fringe.

The first one asks if the actors would be willing to experiment with Cortexiphan, a fictional drug which offers access to typically inhibited abilities – though rarely with positive results. They all seemed to be at consensus on this one.

The second, split into two parts, is more telling about the actors themselves, as they each describe their favorite scene to have filmed from the previous season. Joshua Jackson (Peter) and John Noble (Walter) each give very diplomatic and pat answers, but we get to see an interesting, playful side of our lead actor, Anna Torv (Olivia and Fauxlivia) and a bit of a geeky side from supporting actor Jasika Nicole (Astrid). She describes the action scene in the second to last episode of the season as “like being able to go inside of a video game for a little while.” More surprisingly, Lance Reddick (Broyles) almost breaks down with emotion as he considers his favorite, and most challenging scene, showing how much he’s invested emotionally in this character.

As in previous seasons, season four of the fan favorite ended with a major turn in the nature of the show’s over arching plot, as the characters defeat one enemy only to dicover that their world is about to be taken over by visitors from the future. They only have a half-season left to tell the rest of the story – which could prompt a rush for some of the plot points.

However it happens, I’m definitely looking forward to this fall, when we get to see what happens to the Fringe crew. It’s been a great series so far, and I’m really happy they’re getting the chance to give the show a proper ending.