Star Trek: TNG clinches new comics line

IDW has confirmed that Star Trek: The Next Generation will be getting it’s own line in honor of the 25th anniversary of the famed sci-fi series.

Though the principle characters of TNG haven’t yet appeared in the line, Assimilation2 – the TNG / Doctor Who crossover line – is doing well in stores, and perhaps that’s the cue IDW was waiting for to reveal that, in a few months, Picard and his crew will be starring in a new ongoing comics line, titled simply Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Most excitingly, IDW has brought on writers from the show’s original run, including Brannon Braga, one of the most famous Star Trek writers, second only to Gene Roddenberry in big names behind the Trek camera (until J.J. Abrams showed up, anyhow). He’ll be joined by Terry Matalas, who also penned scripts and plotlines  for TNG, though not as famously.

“It’s a thrill and privilege to be writing in the Star Trek universe again,” Braga said recently. “This graphic medium will provide the narrative ambition and visual scope this story deserves — the final chapter in The Borg saga!”

Yep. It’s the Borg again. I know they’re sort of the iconic villains of the TNG story, but I would have liked to see something new. Nevertheless, I expect something fantastic, and perhaps when they’re done fighting the Borg off for the thousandth time, they’ll be left to find some new threat.

We have this synopsis of the first book, Hive:

In a distant future, where the deadly Borg have assimilated the entire Galaxy, Picard, his crew, and some unexpected allies must prove once and for all that resistance is not futile! Packed with mind-bending twists, time-jumping action, and revered, genre-defining characters, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: HIVE promises to be a must-read event for fans of the TNG’s intrepid legacy.

If the entire galaxy really has been consumed by the Borg, maybe that will be something interesting to see. Don’t expect the surprising allies to be The Doctor and his companions, Assimilation2 is non-canon, and will likely not relate to this tale in any way, despite also being about the Borg.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Hive #1 will hit shelves in September 2012, as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the premier of the television show.