Arrow preview escapes the island

The CW has released a preview video for itsr upcoming super hero comic book adaptation serial, Arrow.

The video offers a clearer look at the Arrow origin story than we’ve seen previously, including some clue of the particular brand of teen melodrama we can expect.

Here, the character seems almost too dark. Oliver Queen should be brooding a bit, perhaps, but he also has a sort of cynical wittiness, which this version seems to lack.

The rest of the details however, seem to take their inspiration from the now cancelled Smallville series. The character doesn’t actually go by the super hero name we already know – he’s simply “Arrow” in the show – and he’s going to be very slow in acquiring the traits of the character we are familiar with from the comics.

We also finally got to see an arrow other than a sharp. I’ve been a bit worried about this because in all the trailers and teasers so far, Oliver is only ever shown firing sharps, and that’s not really Green Arrow, who almost always used trick arrows of some kind instead. It goes by in a blink, but we do get to see a timed explosive arrow. Perhaps his arsenal of trick arrows will come with time alongside the other traits of the iconic hero.

The series, which stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, will air on Wednesday evenings starting this fall on The CW.