Bourne Legacy trailer joins the program

Universal Pictures has released the first full-length trailer for its upcoming fantasy spy thriller, The Bourne Legacy.

The film picks up the story after the end of the Bourne trilogy which starred Matt Damon as a secret agent being hunted down by his own agency in a display of supernatural skills which remains mysteriously originated throughout the franchise.

Jeremy Renner picks up the lead from Damon, but unlike the Bond series, he’s not playing the same character. Renner’s character is part of the same program that created Jason Borne, and his adventure is precipitated by the events of the first three films.

Perhaps in this film, we’ll finally learn what it is that gives the agents of The Program their super powers, but most likely, it will continue to only be vaguely hinted at. There is no official plot synopsis available yet, but we can see that it will clearly involve lots of shooting guns and running from things, in addition to some inside look at The Program, or at least the recruiting process.

Renner gave a good action performance in this year’s top blockbuster film The Avengers in the role of Hawkeye, and this character seems somewhat similar, so we can probably expect the same level of acting here.

The Bourne Legacy, co-written and directed by Tony Gilroy, who helped pen the first trilogy, hits theaters August 3rd, 2012.