The Host featurette explores the cave

MTV has posted an interview featurette for Chockstone Pictures’ upcoming young adult fantasy film, The Host.

There isn’t any footage of the actual film here, which makes sense as the movie is still in production. Nevertheless, it still contains some behind the scenes footage, and clips of interviews with the two leading actors along with Host author Stephanie Meyer, who also penned the Twilight franchise.

There is more from the interview with Meyer over on the MTV page for the film here.

The Host is Meyer’s latest novel, and she’s obviously not straying far from her successful franchise with the characters – an innocent and virtuous maiden is involved in a love triangle during a dangerous time – but the focus this time is a bit more interesting, with a lot more sci-fi.

The novel follows Melanie, one of the few surviving humans on the planet after the invasion of the Souls, non-corporeal creatures who inhabit people’s brains, erase their memories and personalities, and take control of their bodies. In an effort to seek out the last of the surviving humans, one of the Souls, called The Wanderer, takes over Melanie only partially, leaving her mostly intact, so that it can access her knowledge of the human base.

She struggles internally to stop the Soul from obtaining this valuable secret. Her boyfriend is then conflicted about whether he still loves this half-taken girl, and gets even more confused when he finds that he may have fallen in love with the Soul who took up residence in her body.

Here is the teaser, which started showing up in theaters this month: 

While The Host is only one novel, it’s been split up into a trilogy of films, likely to capitalize on the current popularity of film franchises, especially with Meyers’ name attached.

The Host, written and directed by Andrew Niccol and starring Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, William Hurt, and Jake Abel, hits theaters March 29, 2013.