Arrow preview makes the point

The CW has released a preview video for its upcoming super hero adventure serial Arrow.

This clip offers us a bit of voice over, and part of a preparation montage from the pilot of the show.

The voice over sounds like it’s part of the series, which is great, especially if it continues – as it could help create more of a stronger comic book feel. As you may recall, the comic version of Green Arrow offers a constantly running dialogue – typically musing about society or putting a lampshade on the allegory of the current adventure.

Frankly, I can’t really say I’m all that impressed with the actor, but it is only a pilot, and may take a few episodes for him to really pick it up, so I’m somewhat willing to cut a bit of slack.

Arrow retells the story of Oliver Queen, a rich guy – Queen Industries is up there with Wayne Enterprises – who, seeing the injustice of society, decides to use his great wealth to build a bunch of toys to fight crime with. It’s very similar to Batman, except the protagonist is less brooding and more active about social injustice. Also: Arrows, lots and lots of cool arrows.

It is odd that this preview only shows sharps, which the Green Arrow of the comics almost never uses, preferring implements like gas arrows or net arrows. Hopefully this particular aspect of the character hasn’t been altered for the show because it’s actually what makes his stories so much fun.

Arrow debuts this fall on The CW.