Teen Wolf season 2 trailer bites the whole class

Teen Wolf had a good first season, even if it did suffer from a few weaknesses in the effects department, along with a bit of overacting from the teenaged stars  – or possibly melodramatic direction from the showrunners.

However, all of this can be easily overlooked for the sake of the Teen Wolf concept itself, as well as the truly heartfelt moments to be found in each episode. Fortunately, it’s nearly time for the second season, and MTV has released a trailer for the upcoming episodes which shows off some of the upcoming sub-plots.

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The show has clearly come a long way from its roots as a basic reimagining of the classic Michael J. Fox film. While the first season stuck to a lot of the themes of that flick, the second season is set to become darker and shy away from the secret identity angle, with more and more teens getting turned, and all the important characters in on the secret.

It seems like the formula will have completely changed, so if you didn’t like the first season, it might be time to give it another chance. Perhaps the writers feel a bit more free to pursue the series in their own way now that the story has been fully established.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV on June 3rd, 2012.