Warner Bros. picks up dinosaur attack disaster flick

Warner Bros. has picked up a pitch for a new film about dinosaurs attacking a major city.

The new disaster film, which does not yet have an announced title, is also lacking an official synopsis.

However,  we do know the movie will be set in Los Angeles, with the attacking monsters, or dinosaurs,

featuring a supernatural ability to adapt.

The film was originally developed by the online network Break Media as a web series, but when Warner Bros. execs Greg Silverman and Sarah Schechter saw a screen test for the first episode, they snatched up the film rights for the story, stopping production on the web series.

John Clisham is already attached to co-write and direct the feature. This will be Clisham’s first solo directing venture, as thus far he’s only been on short CG scenes for James Cameron, which I suppose is a good qualification to direct a film made from CG dinos.

The other writer and producer will be Mike Bayman, who is also mostly untried – having only produced a few minor genre projects. A team from Break Media will exec produce the film.

No other cast of crew is yet attached, and further plot details are still undisclosed. No production or release dates have yet been announced.