Area 407 trailer crashes in the wrong field

IFC Midnight has released a trailer for its upcoming found-footage sci-fi thriller Area 407.

The film is a shaky-cam tale about a group of plane crash survivors who stumble upon a dangerous secret in a secret military installation. As expected, the group has issues with one another, problems with an engimatic monster, and a difficult time with the government agents who wish to keep the monster a secret.

The monster’s nature has not been revealed, so could be anything from an alien to a bigfoot, but several quick snatches of the creature in the darkness here look like a Speilbergian Raptor.

The film, formerly known as Tape 407, was written by Robert Shepyer, Dale Fabrigar, and Evert Wallin (Fabrigar and Wallin sat together at the helm). There is no one on the cast list you’re likely to recognize.

The synopsis is thus:

“Innocent people with family and friends waiting for them boarded a state of the art jet liner piloted by an experienced crew. They had every reason to believe the pilots could safely navigate a storm and negotiate turbulence without crashing the plane to the Earth from 30,000 feet. They trusted them. They were wrong. The small group that survived, some critically wounded, had every reason to believe that help was on the way. After all, technology was their savior. Again, they were wrong. They were wrong because the very people they trusted to protect and rescue them are the very same people who created the hell in which they now find themselves.”

Area 407 is slated for a limited theatrical release on April 27, 2012.