Powers returns to the page as Powers FBI

The long hiatus of Powers will be coming to an end this summer with a brand new comic book line.

As you may recall, the ongoing Powers line was placed on hold last year when the author of the series, Brian Michael Bendis, took a break from writing the comics to pen the pilot for the Powers television show. The flexibility of the author-owned comics model keeps him free from deadlines, so there was little pressure to continue the story on a schedule.

Earlier this year, Bendis revealed that he regrets the hiatus, which he claimed was due to simple losing track of time while working with FX.

When the pilot was rejected with notes for improvement, and Bendis began working on rewriting – and now recasting – the pilot, the comic simply stopped without much explanation.

Now Powers will return as Powers FBI. The relaunch means new numbers, and a new story, in addition to the new title.

Deena Pilgrim will be leaving the city, and joining up with the FBI Powers crime unit, where she’ll be expanding her scope, and with it, the mythology of the story world, as the readers explore more than just the Powers of one city. Each case will likely introduce a fresh cast of supernatural individuals in a new place.

From the cover art which was released along-side the announcement, it looks like her old partner walker will be joining her, though he wasn’t specifically mentioned in recent discussions at C2E2. Nor do we have any word what will happen with the remainder of Walker’s unresolved storylines from the unfinished current plot arc.

Powers FBI #1 will go on sale July 2012.