Shuffle trailer stacks the deck

Screen Media films has posted the theatrical trailer for its upcoming low-budget time-travel mystery Shuffle.

This is the story of a man who is experiencing his life out of order. Each time he sleeps, he wakes up at a different point in his life, and must use the days he gets in the altered order to piece together the clues to his destiny. It’s sort of like a cross between The Time-Traveler’s Wife and Memento.

The black and white will likely turn away a lot of audiences, but I’m a sucker for any time-travel stories, especially those dealing with fate versus freewill as a major theme. Don’t expect a bunch of neat special effects here either. It seems like the highest budget item here is the make-up to help the protagonist look many different ages.

The synopsis is thus:

A man (TJ Thyne) who has no idea why he keeps waking up at different points in his life. Using clues from each experience, he begins to piece together why this keeps happening to him and sets out to end it once and for all.

You probably recognize Thyne from the medical crime-procedural Bones on Fox. In fact, I think I spotted a couple of Bones cast members in that trailer, so don’t be surprised to see a few more cameos from that cast.

The film, which is directed by Kurt Kuenne, had a good run and got some notice on the festival circuit, so will likely receive a limited art-theater release around the US, though no dates have been announced.