The Fades may disappear after all

The BBC has apparently decided against renewing The Fadesfor another season.

As you may recall, we reported just a few months ago that the production team for The Fades was ready to go on two more series of the BBC supernatural thriller with few boundries. The six-episode first season of the serialized ghost story was well received by critics – including this one – and was one of the most watched shows on the network last year, developing a huge following across the Atlantic.

It seemed nearly certain that there would be another season ordered up at any moment. The show’s executive producer, Caroline Skinner,  didn’t have much doubt back in January.

In a recent interview with io9, mostly about her new job exec producing Doctor Who, Skinner revealed that the production and writing team already had the next two seasons of the show planned out. 

“There’s been a hugely positive response to it in the press and among the fans over here,” she said. “And also the BBC were incredibly pleased with the way that it went down. We’re just waiting on decisions at the moment… [The Fades is] a big trilogy of stories … All you can do is get bigger.”

Now, however, we’ve received word that the show won’t be returning.

Johnny Harris, who plays Neil, the protagonist’s waffling ally among the living fighters, recently gave an interview to SFX regarding his role in the upcoming fairy tale adaptation adventure film, Snow White and the Huntsman, in which he plays a minor character called Quert. During that interview, Harris mentioned that The Fades has not been ‘commissioned’ for a second ‘series.’

It’s possible, of course that Harris doesn’t have the inside line. SFX gives little context for the statement, and the BBC has yet to comment either way about their plans for the show.

If it is gone, it’s a surprising decision, given the reasons listed above. It’s possible, however, that they are looking at the US ratings when they make this decision. As great as the show was, and as well as it was received upon its original broadcast, it failed to find a strong audience on BBC America, though much of that might be blamed on the delay in airing the episodes by nearly six months. Remember, even Doctor Who did poorly here when they maintained a delayed broadcast schedule.

Those first six episodes of The Fades are still worth watching, even with the possibility of no continuation. The first series is available on Amazon now.