Hibernation trailer runs into complications

Indie filmmaker Jon Mikel Caballero has released a trailer for his upcoming short, sci-fi drama, Hibernation.

The low-budget film follows the story of a ‘world of yesterday’s tomorrow’ astronaut, who is preparing for a 50-year exploration mission, in which he will be placed in stasis for the duration. Something goes wrong during the initiation process however, and a high suspense drama unfolds in the prep-room, where it seems most of the 16 minute film will take place.

This kind of retro futuristic style is interesting, but almost contrived at this point, and is clearly a way, mostly, to decrease the budget. However, judging from this trailer, the film is able to capture it without coming off cheap or corny, though I will expect a bit of melodrama, and plot blindness to play a major role.

Caballero is also asking for some help from potential fans. The Spanish filmmaker has put up this project page, where one may pay 10€ to sponsor a frame of the film, if he gets all the frames funded, he will have the financing to finish the post production process for the film, so that it may be released.

The page gives this description of the project:

The best sci-fi stories are those which tell us more about ourselves, about what makes us human through creations or technologies yet impossible to exist. If we theorize about science’s destiny we will find an infinite context of possibilities to also theorize about human behavior.

Hibernation tries to explain how hard is to make a decision. In this case, how hard could be to follow your professional dreams when you love someone. The hibernation process it’s just a pretext or metaphor to go deeper into the subject.

Hibernation intends to freshen up the world of short films. We want to speak about a universal matter through a very specific point of view. We want this journey to be unique in an emotional and a visual way.

Starting from visual aspect (cinematography, art direction, costume and make-up) and going through audible (sound design, original score) we will use all the tools we have to tell Joseph’s journey as clear, virtuous and moving as we can. In order to achieve that, our bet is huge and our enthusiasm is out of proportion.

We hope and we wish that Hibernation will be able to exceed all this expectations making it a short film to mention, both as science fiction and also as a movie.

And this synopsis of the film itself:

Joseph is an astronaut set to go where no man has arrived in the Universe through the ‘Hibernation’ program. But something happens between him and his instructor Claire, and decisions that seemed unbreakable begin to crack. The countdown has begun.

Hibernation has no announced release date.