Eureka featurette looks back

SyFy has released a recap featurette for the sci-fi situation dramedy Eureka, which is entering its final season this year.

The video offers an overview of where the serialized story has gone over the six years (though only four seasons) since its premiere, and sets up the final season’s over-arcing storyline. If you’ve been watching all along, it’s a great recap to lead us into the final season, and if you haven’t been watching, it’s not to late to catch up, though I’d recommend avoiding this video if you plan to view the series from the beginning.

It’s great to hear from some of the cast and crew, even some of those who have only been on for one or two seasons, like Felicia Day.

Interestingly enough, we learn that James Callis will be returning for the last season, which is going to answer our questions about what happened to the Astraeus Mission, as the ship and crew seems to have been kidnapped in the finale for season four. Clearly, this is one of the best cliffhangers the show has ever had.

Obviously we all knew there would be a cliffhanger to carry us into the next season, but its very nature actually took me off guard and was played spectacularly by all involved. The drama is properly built and the next season is heavily anticipated.

Overall, the most recent season was the best one yet, as the characters spent much of their time preparing for the mission to Titan, which gave them a solid background for all of their other monster-a-week adventures. The previous season had left a bit to be desired, simply because the episodes were encased in a strange time-travel sub-plot which took over the show for far too long. Indeed, the season was broken up over nearly three years, with Syfy apparently undecided about keeping the show. Frankly, I have a feeling that quite a number of viewers lost during that time will not be returning.

The next season of Eureka begins April 15, 2012, and will be the final season of the show, followed only by a special episode which will arrive later to tie up all the loose ends – since the writers originally thought they were getting another whole season, and season five was already in the can when they discovered otherwise.