Doctor Who Season 7 trailer runs you out of town

BBC One has released the first trailer for the first half of the upcoming season of Doctor Who.

The trailer mostly features scenes from the third episode, which was shot recently in Spain, outside of Almeria, on a set where a number of westerns have been filmed over the years.  We get to see Ben Browder, who has apparently picked up the role of the villain for the episode, which seems to be some type of Westworldesque cowboy robot.

We also see snippets of arctic wastelands, some seaside cliffs and what appears to look like ancient Egyptians.

Essentially, the focus this season seems to be historical Earth periods – rather than space travel – which is just fine with me.

The trailer arrives only days after news broke that The Doctor will be getting a new companion, played by actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, in Episode 7 (holiday special). Although we don’t know what her nature will be, showrunner Steven Moffatt did promise that her origin will be unusual.

This means that the episode in this trailer will be the last we see of the Ponds, the Doctor’s companions for the last two seasons, and for his entire popular BBC America run.

The second half of the Doctor Who season will be produced after the new year for budget reasons, with the first half of the new season debuting on BBC One and BBC America this fall.