"Ultimate" LEGO R2-D2 coming soon

LEGO recently presented fans with a complex collector’s LEGO version of everyone’s favorite droid.

The new R2-D2 model is the newest addition to the Ultimate Collector Series, meaning it’s intended to be very detailed, and more difficult than typical models. Basically, this isn’t a kid’s LEGO set. It’s meant to be built and displayed, alongside an informational plaque and minifigure.

Once built , the model is incredibly detailed. Each of R2’s joints is articulated, along with several of his film canon features. His head rotates, his “computer interface arm” extends and retracts, and several panels open and close, revealing “spacecraft linkage control arms.” A lever on the back of the model switched R2 between 2-legged mode and 3-legged driving mode.

The completed model is about a foot tall, which is just right for in-home display – a full-sized R2 would be a bit space-intensive – and the model is listed as adult-level difficulty.

LEGO also released this video of the two designers for the model, explaining some of the features, and talking about the design process.

The model was unveiled Friday night at special event at Bricks by the Bay in San Fransisco. It will arrive in LEGO stores in May.