BBC picks up pilot for sci-fi comedy

V Sign is a series under development by Green Inc. in conjunction with Retort of Freemantle Media. The pilot, written by Steve Turner, was recently picked up by the BBC for consideration.

The show is being described as a science fiction situation comedy. The plot follows a group of survivors, living on a ruined earth after a failed alien invasion. The small, quirky group will spend their time fending off continued attempts to dominate the planet by the comically inept invasion force.

The title is a reference to the two-fingered sign which simultaneously means ‘peace’ and ‘victory’, and if turned arround can be very offensive in some European cultures, including the British Isles.

Casting is currently underway, as production, ordered by BBC’s comedy commissioners, Cheryl Taylor and Kristian Smith, will begin soon in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

This order, and BBC’s consideration does not guarantee that the pilot will ever be aired, only that the broadcasting company is interested in seeing how it will look.

Stephen Stewart, managing director and founder of Green Inc, told British television news magazine Broadcast that “We have several projects in development with Retort, and are very excited that our first successful project is V Sign. Steve Turner’s script and the world he has created excited us the first time we read it.”

Retort head Jon Rolph added: “A global alien invasion isn’t usually the best way to start a collaboration, but we hope that V Sign‘s hapless visitors will spearhead many more projects to come from Green Inc and Retort.”

If the pilot for V Sign is chosen to air, it’ll likely be seen early next year, as BBC’s budget for this year is already set. If successful on the BBC, we might see it on BBC America later.