Game of Thrones featurettes cover the characters

HBO has released a series of featurettes for the second season of its hit show Game of Thrones.

Each discusses one of the principle characters, while offering the perspective of the respective actor. More than a few spoilers follow:

Joffery is one of the most disturbing character in the Song of Ice and Fire story, and here we can see why. His true nature really starts to emerge in the second book of the series, upon which this second season of the show is based. It’s his action at the climax of the first season which truly propels the  rest of the story. Stark’s death causes his family to spread to the corners of the land, and become lost in the politics and wars of the land, but he doesn’t stop there. His vileness seems to know no bounds, which gives the other claimants to the throne that much more reason to want to take it from him, where if he had been a good king, the others may simply have allowed him to rule.

Daenerys is a favorite character of many of the fans, and her story is where we see some of the first strong fantasy elements, other than the ghostly things beyond the wall, which are still unclear at this point. Her story is also the most separate from the stories of all the other claimants, giving it a certain weight and drama which the others rely on each other for.

Jon’s story is also a bit divided, but his mysterious birth makes his story compelling, though all that ice always makes me cringe.

Renly’s interesting because he likely would make the best king, out of the lot, though his own emotions get in his way, as he struggles with the need for a political marriage which goes not just against his heart, but his very being.

Game of Thrones season 2 kicks off on April 1, 2012, and will air each Sunday for ten episodes. The first season is currently being replayed on Sunday evenings. HBO subscribers can also catch up on the HBO Go website.