ABC’s Beauty and the Beast has cast its leads

All major actors have now been cast for ABC’s Beauty and the Beast.

We previously reported that the show’s secondary male role, the part of the beauty’s fiancé, Gorrick, will be played by Chris Egan.

Now we have confirmation the beast will be played by Darius Campbell, known mostly in Scotland as a singer, while  beauty will be played by Ruth Bradley, known for her role in Primeval.

The beauty in this telling will be Grace, the princess of an as yet undisclosed medieval kingdom. Grace forms an undeniable bond with her bodyguard, Shiro – he’s the beast. There is no official synopsis for the series out yet.

The pilot is being written by Jon Steinberg, who will also exec produce the show. His most recent project was Human Target, and before that: Jericho. Both good shows which didn’t last long. We’ll see if he has better luck with the whims of the fickle television audience with this one.

There is also a show called Beauty and the Beast in development over at the prime-time only young adult drama network, The CW, though it’s a remake of the 80’s series which starred Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman. In addition, a film is in the works called Beauty, which adapts the novel of the same name.

Barring delays, both shows should be on the air this fall. The film is still in the early stages of development, and has no announced production or release dates.