New Game of Thrones trailer has five crowns

HBO has released a new full trailer for the second season of the hit show.

We’ve certainly been seeing a lot of promo material from the cable channel lately, including featurettes, trailers and teasers. All of this makes the build up to the season premier feel more like ramping up to a major tent-pole film release than a television drama. Then again, HBO could use the publicity, since the series is only be available to HBO subscribers.

The two minute trailer sets the mood for the upcoming ten-episode adaptation of the second book. We get to see Bran on Hodor’s back for the first time here, as well as a shot of the red comet, which plays a huge thematic part in the rest of the series.

The second book sees the dispersal of the Starks around the seven kingdoms, and the machinations of all the hopefuls for the throne getting more complicated. The Dragons are growing larger, and we’ll start to see our first signs of the magic that this world holds – if it sticks to the book, we’ll get our first taste in the very first scene. 

Game of Thrones season 2 begins on April 1, 2012, and will air each Sunday for ten episodes. The first season is currently being replayed on Sunday evenings. HBO subscribers can also catch up on the HBO Go website.